About Me

A recipe has no soul, you as the chef must bring soul to the recipe.

Having met and talked to my idol, Marco Pierre White, I share his belief that the best meals are the meals which are shared with loved ones, irrespective of what you are eating at that moment. As humans, eating has always been a communial activity and for me, I have always derived great satisfaction from the act of cooking for other people.


Self taught, all the recipes found here are dishes that I hold close to my heart. Recipes I learn’t from the beginning of my six-form life, where I started experimenting with food while living on a farm, all the way to the present. Lucky enough to live with friends who held me to very high standards, I realized that at the bare minimum, the food must taste good. The same concept applies here. If I don’t think it taste nice then it won’t appear on this site.

Most of the dishes here are inspired from food I encountered while traveling or talking to people. Some dishes will have ingredients that are easy to find, while others may have more exotic ingredients. The aim of this collection of recipes however, remains the same- to appeal to the soul and act as an expression of what food means to me. Because of that, most recipes here won’t come with exact ingredient measurements. This is to allow you to experiement for yourself what works and what doesn’t, while also learning to be flexible with the ingredients you have at hand.


I went through the tranditional schooling path of going from young all the way to university studying science without ever taking a humanitarian or art subject. After long consideration, I’m now trying to combine an obession with food and photography while chasing the dream of becoming a chef.

You can find me on instagram here.

To contact me directly, please email: philsperss@lapetitnoisette.com