Lactic Acid Fermentation Series:

The Science Behind Lactic Acid Fermentation

Lactic-acid Fermented Matsutake Mushrooms (Lacto Matsutake Mushrooms/乳酸発酵松茸)

How to make 5-years aged umeboshi with red shiso leaves and kombu

Fish Ageing Series:

On Ikejime (活け締め)

Introduction to the science of ageing fish

On Ageing Maguro (鮪) Tuna and Various Information

Kombujime (昆布締め)

Science Based Articles:

How do I choose fish for sashimi?

On Ramen Noodles – A Biochemist’s Take

The Science of Making Stocks

The science behind the perfect tempura that stays crispy

Katsuobushi Series:

1. An Introduction to Katsuobushi (鰹節) and Skipjack Tuna (カツオと鰹入門)

2. How Katsuobushi is Made (鰹節が出来るまで)

3. Different Parts and Types of Katsuobushi (鰹節の解剖学)

4. How to Shave Katsuobushi (鰹節) Using a Kezuriki (削り器)/鰹節のプロがこっそり教える削り方

5. How to make Dashi/鰹節のプロがこっそり教えるだしの取り方

6. Hatsu Katsuo (初鰹) and Modori Katsuo (戻り鰹), the highest quality Katsuobushi (鰹節)

7. Katsuobushi (鰹節) Storage and Care (保管方法)

8. How to sharpen a Kezuriki (削り器を研ぐ)

9. Skipjack Tuna Ecology (Katsuwonus pelamis/Katsuo/鰹/カツオの生態)

10. The history of Katsuobushi (鰹節の歴史) and Aspergillus glaucus (鰹節カビ)

Japanese Donabe Claypots:

Kumoi Kiln Donabe Claypots (雲井窯) by Nakagawa Ippento (中川一辺陶先生)

Isshiro Kiln Donabe Claypots (一志郎窯) by Nakagawa Isshiro (中川一志郎先生)

Nagatanien’s Kamado-san Claypot Rice Cooker 長谷園のかまどさん + cooking comparison with Kumoi Kiln’s Donabe

Kobo Kiln Iga-yaki Claypot Review (Koubou Kiln/耕房窯) + comparison with Nagatanien’s Donabe 長谷園のかまどさん


Toshio Ohba (大庭利男), Hakata’s Last Knife Maker

How to Grow Koji

On Sea Urchin (Uni/うに) from Japan and around the world

Double Blind Taste Testing- Expensive vs Cheap Chicken

Sushi Rice Improver (Otuka Miola) Review 炊飯ミオラの評価

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