Katsuobushi Series:

1. An Introduction to Katsuobushi (鰹節) and Skipjack Tuna (カツオと鰹入門)

Fish Ageing Series:

On Ikejime (活け締め)

Introduction to the science of ageing fish

On Ageing Maguro (鮪) Tuna and Various Information

Kombujime (昆布締め)


Kumoi Kiln Donabe Claypots (雲井窯) by Nakagawa Ippento (中川一辺陶先生)

Toshio Ohba (大庭利男), Hakata’s Last Knife Maker

How to Grow Koji

On Sea Urchin (Uni/うに) from Japan and around the world

Double Blind Taste Testing- Expensive vs Cheap Chicken

Science Based Articles:

The Science of Making Stocks

On Ramen Noodles – A Biochemist’s Take