Edomae Sushi 江戸前鮨

Whilst living in Japan, I was blessed enough to have been taken in by a three Michelin starred traditional Edomae sushi restaurant to work as the assistant to the head chef. This mean’t the world to me, as I had always had an interest in the technique and craft behind sushi. The fact that I had no prior training in Japanese cuisine and didn’t speak a word of Japanese was definitely a huge barrier. Despite all that, the master was still willing to teach me through actions and observation. My other colleagues were also extremely patient with me, even whilst we mainly communicated through pointing and gesturing. I will forever be grateful for the kindness that I was shown working at that restaurant. Below is the culmination of the skills, techniques and recipes that were passed down to me.

All the follow posts are dedicated to the people who worked alongside me in the kitchen, Rin-san (Pro), Nao-san and Sayaki-san, and to that one person who went to eat there with me in the first place.

*This blog is a work in process so not all the techniques and recipes will be available when you read this, but I will work towards finishing it in my spare time.

Musings and techniques:

Cooking three Michelin Star sushi rice- What its all about

Of Edomae Red Sushi Vinegar (赤酢), Yokoi’s Vinegar, and Michelin Sushi Vinegar

Mixing vinegared rice, traditional rice measurements and nigiri sizes

A typical example of Edomae-style fish preparation

Kumoi Kiln Donabe Claypots (雲井窯) by Nakagawa Ippento (中川一辺陶先生)

Showmanship, and Balancing and Eating Nigiri- how to make Edomae Nigiri

How to grate wasabi (わさび)

How to pickle ginger (ガリ/Gari)

Japanese carbon steel knife care and rust removal from knives

On Sea Urchin (Uni/うに) from Japan and around the world

Kawasimozukuri (かわしもずくり/皮霜造り) and Yubiki (湯引き)

Fish Ageing Series:

On Ikejime (活け締め)

Introduction to the science of ageing fish

On Ageing Maguro (鮪) Tuna and Various Information

Kombujime (昆布締め)

Various Nigiri (click on the image for recipe):

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